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EKOS Association - Educación para el Desarrollo Sostenible

The "EKOS" Association for Education for Sustainable Development was established in Rzeszów in August 2011 on the initiative of Jerzy Węgrzynowski. 

This institution promotes the idea of sustainable development, cyclically organising international youth exchanges, language camps, workshops, seminars and conferences both for pupils and teachers on international level. 

The impetus for establishing the "EKOS" Association were differences in understanding and implementing the principles of sustainable development in social and economic life in Germany and Poland. 

People representing university, school and local government communities involved to cooperate in the work of the association. All members are people with great knowledge, rich professional biographies and - most importantly - devoted to the main idea, which is the dissemination of knowledge about sustainable development in Subcarpathian Region (Podkarpackie) and Poland. 

Implementation of projects in cooperation with partner organisations from all over Europe, in particular with the Spohns Haus educational institution in the Sarah (as the only one in Germany it has been awarded five times for UNESCO's educational activities for sustainable development) 

The offer of the EKOS Association for schools includes:
- free information meetings for educational staff aimed at providing knowledge and raising awareness in the field of sustainable development
- support in planning and implementing educational projects on sustainable development in all types of schools
- a special offer for junior high schools planning and implementing educational projects
- assistance in planning and editing projects co-financed from EU funds
- publishing / promoting good practice examples, including on the website and in the Association's publications
- assistance in planning and organising international projects, including trainings for school board employees, directors, teachers and workshops for students

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