Newsletter 1

First newsletter of the Visual Dictionary project, Fall 2021


The project “SWIM" -  See What I Mean - a Visual Dictionary Project is an Erasmus+ project, designed within the framework of cooperation between the EU, which aims to promote innovative, knowledge visualisation approach towards language teaching methods using bespoke Visual Dictionary Online Creator tool in order to improve efficiency of building key language competences to foster competitiveness of adult learners on a labour market.


Our work under the development of the Visualisation for Professionals Development Guidelines have give us some conclusions:

- foreign language teachers and their students are quite open minded when it comes to learning foreign languages, particularly the younger generation of teachers 

- The development of technology has given a huge opportunity to improve teaching methodologies. Yet different countries still have different levels of digitization of their schools (it will change in 2020, due to the Covid pandemic and the necessity of introducing online teaching). 

- All teacher realize the importance do visualization in teaching foreign language, yet only few of them enjoy creating their own visual material and would rather use already created materials they posses or look for it in Internet, as they find creating visual material themselves as very time-consuming and quite difficult - an easy tool as our VIsual Dictionary could change that.

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Project results in a NUTSHELL 

Project is intended as a reference for educational professionals; it will contain theoretical pedagogical information, step-by-step guidelines to create Visual Dictionary content and to apply it in their work, as well as best practice samples (supported by IO2) of how to inspire and motivate learners with reward or gamification mechanisms included in the learning environment (which is the result of IO3). 

Coming Next

  • Toolbox of Visual Dictionary Resources
  • Visual Dictionary Online Creator and Library
  • Recommendations Document