O4 Recommendations document

Auxilium will be leading the Intellectual Output 4 and draft a Recommendations document that captures the policy learning from the project experiences of partners and identifies critical steps moving forward to support using this type of tools in adult education.

The recommendations document will present a number of key recommendations based on the outputs developed as part of the project. It will measure the benefits to be achieved by providing high-level training to adult educators to enable them in using the proposed methodologies to support lifelong learning. The paper will also consider the essential role that providing appropriate materials for in-service training for adult education staff plays in achieving quality learning outcomes.

This document will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology used and the relevance of the tools and resources developed in each local context. This document will assess the mainstreaming potential of the project outputs.
The Recommendations document will examine the experience of the project partners in 5 different countries and make recommendations for policy change on the basis of that experience.

SWIM Recommendation Document final EN.docx


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